Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I turned 25! TCS Travel Sale! And 11 Ways To Find Happiness In Life!

In honor of my 25th birthday, (which was yesterday but also today 'til roughly 10AM according to the Facebook who apparently didn't want the party to end, I guess) I felt inspired to whip up a post on the top 11 travel products guaranteed to make everyone's life better. Everyone. Even those who may steer clear of planes, trains, and automobiles.

Basically, the TCS travel sale is a big deal, and a current thing that's happening. I mean, where else would you, me, or any other human even consider shopping at for life-changing products? And where else would I wanna celebrate being a quarter-of-a-century years old? Why The Container Store, of course! In the travel shop, no less! Because my customers were, and always are, just the best. And my coworkers were, and always are, just even better. So, yeah, it was a fabulous day, a win-win for all, especially considering that even after spending 7+ hours on a Sunday Funday, that happened to also be my birthday, I'm still voluntarily excited to talk TCS travel, y'all.

Alas, trust me here for both my skill in rambling off TCS must-have lists, and talent at packing/traveling/living like a gypsy Girl Scout explorer moderately-seasoned traveler/backpacker; so get to shoppin.' (And preferably at our NorthPark location on Northwest Hwy...)

Why? Oh, where do I even begin here... Just look at 'em! Our compression socks are like warm and fuzzy jackets, but for feet, and knitted with love and a higher purpose by TCS, because blood clots. Who wants those? Oh, and guess what? A PAIR OF THE CIRCULATION GODDESSES AREN'T JUST FOR AARP MEMBERS! My 20-going-on-80-something legs are treated to fancy sock time all the time. Also runners and/or people who run (because most "runners" already know this): get a pair. Of the socks, I mean.

Why? A) This piece of luggage was designed exclusively by and for The Container Store. I think that alone is cool enough to consider slapping down a Franklin, no? And 2) Some humans in the world have kids, kids who travel... kids who want fun luggage, and that need kid-proof luggage... kids bred to be TCS customers and born to own Kaleidoscopes... this is for you. Cheers! 
(**Disclaimer: Adults may purchase a Kaleidoscope, too. Actually, it's encouraged.) 

Why? Honestly, this is one of the gadgets that's only necessary because it's one of those mental things needed in making you think that you're cooling yourself off during the random hot flashes in the Tom Thumb, or mid-heat strokes at Six Flags in July, but really you're not, however it's still fun. And fun is all that counts. 

Why? I like easy and light travel. I prefer to carry-on most of the time which means I've had to master the art (er, science?) of compression. Any seasoned packer knows space is as precious as the travel experience itself. I'll end with my chant that albeit blogging to the world I wouldn't be caught dead singing in real life: "Eagle Creek™! It's the best! If you compress! You'll have no distress!" (I can't believe I just typed that. I apologize, you guys...)

Why? I'm a fan of any pouch that's made of canvas because even 25-year-olds require maximum durability for even the most simple accessories. I'm a fan of anything with color-blocking, or eye-catching color schemes, or just color in general. And also I'm a fan of anything made by reisenthel® retailing generously under just ten buckaroos!

Why? If you've never been the unfortunate victim of embarrassing umbrella-unexpectedly-flipping-inside-out-publicly-during-a-freak-wind-tornado phenomenons, then I envy you and your perfectly karmatic life. Because it's not fun, it's awkward for everybody involved, obviously messy, but more importantly can be prevented with just one purchase, thanks to The Container Store buying/product development geniuses. 

Why? ... Why not? They're only a buck, for one. Using 'em requires either patience, humor, legitimate germaphobe concerns, or a desire to make the gross things we do as animals somewhat pretty. See? Logo/branding job well done. 

Why? Aside from being able to pack an entire summer(camp) in this thing, you could also pack like, ya know, your own body in there should God-forbid you find yourself in some freak, SVU-esque, emergency situation. Or game of hide-and-seek. 

Why? Life should be traveled and explored and full of happiness, etc. And to do/experience/have all of these perks typically requires material items that are necessary to sustain life, ya know. Long story short, unhappy/untraveled/unorganized people exist. They will break into your bag, steal your things, and thus steal your happiness. Unless you have a theft-proof bag, of course, like this beauty needing no further argument and worth every dime. 

Why? No snarky sales pitch needed with this one because we've all experienced that first-world agony of being stuck somewhere sans a blanket and/or pillow. In the car. Terminal. Subway. Friend's car. Whataburger drive-thru line at 2AM. Who knows. But arctic chill goosebumps + bloody cricks of the neck = unnecessary self-induced pain preventable with just one trip to the TCS, folks.

Why? I'm just obsessed with the Hopi print. I mean, who isn't? Look at it. This bag weighs less than a feather and could hold an entire farm of chickens, easily. Or you know, just some basic groceries. Whatever floats your eco-friendly boat. Again, I'm partial to reisenthel® because their products are high-quality and worth the investment, so snaps to this fella being last at #11! 

(All links/photos/trademarks courtesy of www.containerstore.com)