Friday, March 20, 2015

The Dallas Monsoon & My Haiku-Making Skills, Or Lack Thereof...

After work today I took my cousin to an appointment where I waited outside in my car for a pretty good while in this God-awful weather continuing to plague Dallas. Today was day #20852024 of the painstaking gray-ness and non-stop clouds kidnapping everyone's humanity, humility, happiness, whatever other H word meaning joy, etc.; needless to say I have hit my breaking point. And I know everyone else has, too. I had to stop the emails I was doing on my phone to perform a little therapeutic activity for the sake of my sanity, which resulted in the haikus below that I wanted to share despite now seeming like someone needing a trip to the looney bin. I mean, who doesn't scribble grammatically incorrect poems lacking any logic whatsoever when they've hit a Jack Nicholson in The Shining point? Totally normal. Because I'm about to start sleeping in a tanning bed until Texas gets it together and brings me back the sunshine that gives us whatever beautiful vitamin it is that's nature's version of Xanax. 'Til then, I'll be spitting out these somewhat passive but mostly aggressive poems for funsies...

again the horror, again the rain
a pale new normal
oh david finfrock take away our pain.

march madness redefined
city's mid-life crisis gone wild
oh hello spring, the lonestar stepchild.

days are piercing elephant gray
gloomy gloom make like rick perry
go hella far, far away

more puppies, less precipitation
urban streams every which way
urban screams to everyone's dismay. 

the great big d depression
the misery, in form of rain
TNT is where yo' drama must stay

dreary drizzle, saddening even the big tex
hearts needing fletcher's corn dogs, via fed-ex
what is happening.