Saturday, March 21, 2015

20 Lady Comics Born To Be The Next Face Of America's $20 Bill...

I've recently come across several articles debating our cash money's greatly-needed facelifts, specifically the $20 bill, considered up until now as former President and Native American hater Andrew Jackson's turf. It's obviously a given I agree a woman should supersede 'ole Andy J (of whom ironically also opposed the paper currency concept like some Negative Nancy!) and/or at least be on some form of our flailing currency, at minimum. It's time. Don't wanna hear the historical mumbo jumbo "aspects" of giving our sisters some printed lovin.' 

Additionally, I believe the face-to-replace should know about humor, because ya know, laughter and top-notch skill in funny is paramount. So while I absolutely support Women On 20s mission to put ladies on the loot, I'm (actually) passionately championing for my screen gem faves below to wind up on something. Alas, shall we never get to experience Knope notes or Tina tender I guess there's comfort in knowing my angel baby Phoebe's already channeling her inner-Washington: 

Here they are...

1. BETTY WHITE- No explanation needed. 

2. AMY JELLICOE- Enlightened, like the founding fathers. 

3. LESLIE KNOPE- Why she's not already made it onto her own bill, I'll never know. 

4. PHOEBE BUFFAY- Smelly change FTW.

5. JENNA MARONEY- This rebel could take turns on the penny with Abe, no?

6. LIZ LEMON- Again, no explanation needed. 


8. ROSE DEWITT BUKATER- Again, obvi. 

9. D.W. REED- My 90's childhood hero, folks. 

10. WEDNESDAY ADDAMS- She'd be super fun on anything, right?

11. LUCY RICARDO- At least put this one on a permanent stamp... 

12. ANNIE WALKER- Face deserving of the "rare" $2 bill.

13. PHYLLIS NEFLER-Okay, put this one on a Trefoil box instead. 


15. SECRETARY GRACE- How sweet would she be on like a $5 or $10... 

16. HANNAH HORVATH- If there was a 2-cent coin, it'd be hers. 

17. JUNO MCGUFF- Just kidding. 

18. MERYL STREEP- Again, national treasure status, no explanation needed. 

19. NANCY BOTWIN- Prime candidate for only larger bills, of course. 

20. ALICE BRADY- What about the dime? Alice on a dime?  

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