Monday, November 24, 2014

Why An East Texas Weekend Can Cure The Soul... (Sort Of)

I ended up in East Texas this weekend and it was great. I'm not saying this in my usual sarcastic tone, but, an exclamation point after the aforementioned would've just been dramatic and/or exhausting. Which, speaking of, I'm beyond exhausted as I write this post about my recent adventure. Anyone who knows me knows my attention span, well, simply put, has zero span whatsoever; the drive back to Dallas from Longview this afternoon was so tiring. #FirstWorldProblems, I know. 
It must be mentioned, though, that as I left Longview I bawled my eyes out. Why? 20% was because of the glorious trees and blue clear skies and gorgeous hills; all that were so damn perfect. ROYGBIV was beautifully defined by East Texas, specifically, highway 20 East. (I think that's what it was?) The other 20% was due to extremely stressful events that tragically went down this past Friday, of which I'm not even close to being ready to blog about but that ultimately was just annoyingly there. Alas, the remaining 58% was because I had to say au revoir to one of my best friends (whom I rarely see), along with the extremely nice folks of good 'ole Longview, Texas. 
And yeah, I can do math. The additional remaining 2%, split in equal parts, went to hunger and tiredness. I'm basically an infant. What can I say? 
But, this spur-of-the-moment getaway turned into one of the best weekends I've had in a while. I forget how nice people can be. It was weirdly refreshing. Humbling, if you will. I mean, let's be honest, Dallas people are straight up b*tches. For the most part. There's nothing classy about everyone's extreme deficiency in empathy here. It's a sad thing but it is what it is and I choose to live here, so, fair enough. But, it's nice to be reminded every once in a while that humans are human. (More importantly, that humans are allowed to be human.) Fun is supposed to be had. Life is supposed to be fun. And that's just what the girls of East Texas showed me this weekend. 
Boy howdy. The East Texas folk are f-u-n.
I must give a shout-out to Katlyn Scott, one of my best friends from high school and a rare gem of a human. She may be country, and an Aggie, but she's never failed me as a friend. I've known the girl since early 2000's (weird to say "early 2000's...), and she'll forever be one of the few people I trust and can always have buckets of fun with. The same goes for her friends. Jesus. The homegirls were fun on a whole other level. Erin, Megan... you two are welcomed in Dallas anytime! 
This is Katlyn's gem of a dog, Cash. 
They let me have a breakdown in the middle of a street. They took me all over town and treated me like their own. They knew I was on a struggle bus, but we all have struggles, so we all just put our baggage aside (after my meltdown, of course) and had fun. No hierarchy bullsh*t. No fancy clothes, jewelry, or pretentious language needed. It was great. A blast, indeed. 
This is me with my portrait I did of Sir Cash. I'm super proud. Can't you tell?
So, I think I owe 'em at least a blog post. This one isn't long or even that great. But I'm tired so whatever. They know I think they're national treasures. But, it's here to say thanks, b*tches, for being there during a time when I need it most. For letting me feel normal. For letting me get my tears out and then go get my (awful) beer pong on. You guys are one-of-a-kind.