Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why I'm (Passionately) Voting For Wendy Davis & Why You Should, Too...

I'll never forget the day of September 11th. Shocker, right? Most 90's kids and up never will. I was in sixth grade. Probably wearing an awful Old Navy $5 tee and some faded, straight-leg Lee outlet blue jeans with a 9-inch zipper. Classic 60-year-old wardrobe.

My mom was in the office next to the library where I had just started third period as library aide. Typical Mallory move, right? #LibraryAide. Anyway, she came over and awkwardly said, "Mallory, something's happened in New York City. There's been a terrorist attack and that's all we know right now. Ask Mrs. Andresen to turn on the TV and we'll talk later at home."

Well... anybody that knows my mother knows she doesn't relay dramatic news calmly so I knew something was up. And I was a kid that listened and took direction, (rare occasion today, y'all) and that was that.

Also, this was when all of this began.

I was glued to the TV for days. I wasn't scared or mad. I'm not sure that I even was capable of expressing the emotions then that I'm most definitely capable of now. I was curious. I was beyond intrigued by this thing called "the government" and my fascination with all things politics took off.

I'll never forget buying this 9/11 Memorial book by like CNN or something on clearance at the local Hastings Bookstore a year later, and my mom let me stay home from school for Bush's '04 election so I could watch the inauguration live. I've been blessed enough to visit DC twice, once being on Veteran's Day where I experienced enough inspirational chills for a lifetime; all Americans should do it.

Subsequently, my extreme curiosity and desire of being a part of the behind-the-scenes, "clandestine" government affairs has only grown stronger year after year. I have 902928 maps, history books, law textbooks, political rally pictures, CIA documentary DVDs, and American history/politics poker trivia cards. And I say "clandestine" because anything labeled as "clandestine" interests me immediately which is all things American government and Netflix documentary, so, um, yes. #YesPlease.

Anyway, I'm 24-years-old today. I graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science (and a PhD in life). Why? Well, if you're an economist or millennial-exposing journalist, good question. Otherwise, I majored in all things politics because it's my passion. It fuels my fire. I'm constantly seeing society's problems and dreaming of ways to fix 'em. I love being consumed in a world that's (sadly) utter bullshit but that somehow has the magical power of changing lives in a second. Or policy.

Which leads me to my final and most important point of this rambling post...

Vote Wendy Davis. Please. For me. For my incredible mom, sister, and my best friends; For my future daughters; (We all know I want 4-5 kids and chances of me getting a female fireball or two are strong thanks to Karma, yeah?) My fellow improv troupe girls; My AXO sorority sisters and SMU alumna; And for the precious 8-year-old that I nanny, along with her inspiring mother, aunts, and grandparents.

I could write on and on about why you should vote for her but I'm not a big believer in annoyingly pushing my beliefs on others. That may sound contradicting in the bigger scheme of things but do your research, do some thinking, maybe google morality (if you're still questioning/unsure), and do the right thing. I say "do the right thing" lightly because this quote has a different meaning to each and every person but, ya know, I'm no preacher nor Stephen Hawking, so no depth here.

If you care at all about the rights of a human being given and granted to said human(s) then you'll get your inspirational arse out and vote for Wendy by November 4th. Okay? Okay.