Friday, September 5, 2014

My Boss, Her Scooter, & A Life Lesson...

Alright, I usually blog on a whim. I don't think about what I'm going to say, I just say it. Whatever's on my mind. But here's the thing... I just finished a 17-hour work day, I'm in bed (after an amazing Ewing show), and all I can think about is what's going to happen to my boss tomorrow at work. Why? Because she is going to be on a scooter. A motorized scooter that goes up to 4MPH, at that. Yep. Huh? What? Yes, she had legitimate hip surgery a few weeks ago, albeit being fourty-four years young, and is in recovery mode. Recovery BEAST mode, I must say. I say this because she hiked one of Vail's mountains with extravagant crutches made for NFL football players a mere two weeks ago.

She's a MD/Life-saver (not the candy)/kick-ass human who works for Parkland/UT Southwestern, as you all know. Or at least those that have read my previous blog posts. And she doesn't stop for one second. Ever. Her brain goes 80MPH from sun up 'til sun down. Because she has an unbelievably awesome daughter to care for along with two hyper-cute dogs, and an insanely busy MD husband. And nine times out of ten that "mindset" doesn't work out well for someone accustomed to being perfectly fit, but for Mrs. X, she's managed well. Very well.

And today, after my first day with the Dallas Children's Theater, despite being exhausted I jetted over to have lunch with her before we went scooter shopping. It was mandatory that she had a scooter by 8PM tonight (her bedtime, most of the time) because tomorrow (and for the next two weeks) she's on an intense, sixteen-plus-hour-per-day, doctor schedule; someone with basically just one leg can't do that many hours on just the one said leg. #duh

Well... CVI Medical off US-75 was the only retailer that met our needs this afternoon; we went, tried 'em out, and loaded up Mrs. X's latest go-kart in four separate pieces in the back of the car. Little X, her 7-year-old daughter. turned out to be a pro at driving mobility scooters around; we loaded the little fella up, hoping for the best. (Many laughs were enjoyed in this process.)

Here's the second thing, though... for the past month... Mrs. X has been ran over by anybody and everybody on her crutches. This is why we did this whole electronic, go-kart, mobility thing, mostly. We're hoping this whole scooter thing will result in some semi-respect for her disabled self, really. If not, at this point, I'm more than willing to step in and knock out some b*tches who are unable to understand the concept of consideration, because my loyalty over the past month has gotten pretty thick and I've become pretty defensive. It's truly remarkable (and not in a good way) how people are so undiscerning to those with disabilities. So, without going on a Jenny McCarthy rampage, I'll just say, if you see Mrs. X strolling anywhere from 1-4MPH within the UT Southwestern/Parkland/North Dallas areas, you better R-E-S-P-E-C-T, or else...