Saturday, August 2, 2014

How Ladyprov Helped My Manprov Skills At The Comedy House...

So I had a workshop with the one and only Kate Duffy yesterday. And I had another workshop with the fabulous Jaime Moyer this morning. They are the comedy tits and you all can Google their impressive accolades when you're done reading this. Yesterday's group was intimate (size-wise), and I got to do some funny fun fun improv with a few badass DCH'ers I've always wanted to play with. I was also granted the privilege of learning and growing right beside a few DCH legends I greatly admire as performers/humans. It was very cool watching the seasoned pros I laugh at and study weekly (who always make improv look easy peasy) just be students. So that was neat.

Also remember when I blogged about Susan Messing a few months ago and said that she caught my attention the moment she dropped an F bomb at her workshop? Yeah, Kate Duffy did that, too, so you all know I was tuned the heck in to her for the three hours that flew by all too quickly. Funny women with pirate's mouths are my true spirit animals.

Anyways, this morning the workshop was appropriately titled 'Ladyprov' as it was aimed for female improvisers trying to get away from being the concerned mom, b*tchy housewife, or obnoxious sorority sister, etc. AKA the trifecta of characters I used to go to back in my younger days. And by younger days I mean literally a month ago. I've been trying to branch out like a pear tree since making Ewing and entering level four at the DCH. Work in progress, y'all. Always a work in progress.

And there was something so refreshing and inspiring about Jaime Moyer. Yes, that's cliche. I'll be the first to admit that although I love all my boys, I am more comfortable learning from and with women. I think I make my feminist-esque ways more than obvious to most. But she was just so non-apologetic and I soaked up every word that dripped from her mouth like a sponge. A sponge with only two hours of sleep from the previous night; so that's how you know I enjoy this stuff when I can listen, have fun, and not be a Cranky McCrankerson.

Towards the end of class we did a bunch of group scenes which is something I've been wanting to explore more, and now thoroughly enjoy, thanks to the Marvelous Moyer. I mean, you guys, I got to be a gospel rapper, vacation at a turnip greens farm, sing Frozen, and be broken up with at a Motley Crue concert today. All scenes involving the one and only Sarah Wyatt now that I think about it. She is my new stage crush that I cannot wait to play again with. So dang fun. And freeing. Which is why I cannot get enough of this little thing called improvisation.

And to top it all off, having boobs or just pecks never crossed my mind while I was playing. Maybe once did I have to remind myself that I was a man for the sake of deepening my voice. But that has never happened in my improv life. Six months, not long, I know, but I left the workshop feeling like an improviser. Not a lady improviser. And that was the goal, I think. But Jaime did tell us at the end of class during an inspirational heart-to-heart, and I quote, that she, "just improvises and doesn't think of it as a gender thing." And we talked about how women tend to be too polite and/or apologetic; I've slowly (and I mean slowly) transitioned into a more confident, not-sorry-I'm-not-sorry gal. All in thanks to the funny, powerhouse women I've learned so much from during the past 180 days like Jaime, Kate Duffy, Susan Messing, Dina Facklis, Amanda Austin, etc.

So, while I do apologize to my BFFs miles away for basically being non-existent the past few days/weeks due to being immersed in the make-believe world I mostly live in, I've yet again turned a new leaf. And I cannot wait to go balls to the wall on stage in class and Ewing next week. Pun definitely intended. AND, on an ending note, it's only 5:30PM. LADYTOWN performs tonight at the Dallas Comedy House and you all should come watch Kate D, Jaime M, and Maribeth M get their funny on. Tickets are probably sold out but come wait in line anyways, like a groupie, and enjoy a Shiner or two.

Just some ladies after Ladyprov this AM...