Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good Humans, Happiness, & What It Means To Me...

You all know that writing/blogging is my passion. Commenting online has been my forte for the longest. But you know what? I've not blogged in over two weeks. I've done maybe six tweets and three Facebook posts within the past fourteen days as well. And I'm okay with that. Why? Because I have found the happy place I'm supposed to be in. For the time being, at least.

I'm a nanny to a f*cking awesome seven-year-old and I do a bunch of random errands for and with her kick*ss parents. Mrs. X? I think the world of her, unlike ScarJo. I'm also now a Perot Museum volunteer (of which I somehow passed the interview by the grace of God despite running off -208 hours of sleep); as of yesterday I'm now a PT coordinator at the Dallas Children's Theater. It's like my dreams are happening. It's weird. I've been through extreme ups and downs since college and at twenty-four-and-a-half-years-old I'm getting what I've always dreamed and prayed for. Which is peace, content and happiness. In a creative atmosphere, of course. :-)

Mrs. Frizzle for Bella
(I'm not jumping at the thought of moving to NYC, okay?!)

It's taken twenty-four years for me to understand and/or experience what "happiness" is. My version of it? Well, it's being able to put $60 worth of Shell gasoline in the tank while thanking the Lord above for being able to do so. It's driving down Preston at 8:45PM after a day's work and seeing the gorgeous tree lines along St. Andrews. It's also waking up every single morning, ready to go, before my alarm clock, because my "job" and "boss" are just so unbelievably awesome.

And I say this with air quotes because if any of you knew Mrs. X, her child, and/or her husband, you would understand why. They don't feel like "employers" because they are like family. I love 'em. And I'd kill for 'em. They inspire me daily with their curiosity, intelligence, and positivity.

More importantly, they bring out the best in me.

I've taken a step back recently and realized what brings out the good in myself and what makes me happy. Yes, improv makes me happy. So does performing, theater, film, and volunteering. And politics, depending on the situation. But it's been quite an adjustment establishing the boundary I needed to acknowledge re: what works for this here sister. I attribute this to the genuinely good people (i.e. my boss, her kid and her friends) I've come across in recent months.

There are good people in this world. Five Four Three two months ago, I wasn't sure of this. When you're so wrapped up in an environment thriving off of negativity and competition it's hard to see the good. Cliche, I know. But go see for yourself if ya don't believe me. Who would've thought that it would take two doctors and their kid/family to show me how fun life can be? And, I must give credit to my Perot family, Dallas Children's Theater family, and SMU family for somehow weirdly, oddly, but greatly enough, showing me this as well. Leave it to "the bubble" I've always been accustomed to for bringing me back to reality.

So, I encourage you all to visit Cosmic Cafe, treat yourself to a good karma stone, and enjoy this pure bliss of life that I'm currently in. Because it's great, y'all.