Sunday, August 3, 2014

15 Songs That Will Cure Your Ladytown Hangover...

We all know my post titles are more dramatic than necessary, nine times out of ten. Will the fifteen glorious scores below change your life or actually cure a hangover? Eh, it's debatable... if a beautiful piano/acoustic piece doesn't affect you emotionally and/or physically in some form or fashion then you may be an Android robot. Or my ex-lover. Or just an unappreciative asshole. Who knows. But, these songs are some of my all-time favorites (aside from my 80's and 90's country, obviously) that I listen to on a weekly basis when writing, vacuuming, Nutella-ing, etc., OR when I'm partaking in a rare, lazy Sunday in bed. #YesPlease

Which is what I'm doing today. Why? Because a little troupe by the name of Ladytown performed at the DCH last night, and I didn't get home 'til 6AM. Felt like I was back in college. We had so much fun. It was insane. The three Ladytown ladies put on one of the best improv shows I've ever seen. If not the best. Good Lord my mouth muscles are still sore from non-stop laughter. And I'll have to do another post going more in-depth on the brilliant insanity that went down last night, though, because for now it's just not happening, you guys. Also the gif has nothing to do with the post, really, but who doesn't enjoy a cat on a piano?

So, if you're mentally exhausted or feel like relaxing with a tub of Nutella and some chill tunes, open the Pandora and pick one below:

1) MY HEART WILL GO ON by Celine Dion (Okay, okay, you all know I had to throw this one in here as numero uno. I mean, it's written in my will that this must be played at my funeral, so...)

2) SONG FOR SIENNA by Brian Crain

3) TIME TO SAY GOODBYE by Emile Pandolfi

4) FIRST SNOW by David Lanz

5) ASCENT by Joe Bongiorno (Mmmm! An Italian! Yes, please.)

6) CITY OF COURAGE by Tim Neumark

7) CANON IN D by Bradley Joseph

8) THINK OF ME by Lorie Line

9) FAITH by Jim Brickman

10) BREAKFAST WITH TIFFANY by Wayman Tisdale

11) TWO MINUS ONE by Michael Dowdle

12) YININ' & YANGIN' by Victor Wooten

13) TIME TO SAY GOODBYE by Lorie Line (Sweet Lord I love this one.)

14) PEARLS OF JOY by Kevin Kern

15) LAKE ERIE RAINFALL by Jim Brickman