Monday, July 28, 2014

Why You Should Give A Dallas Woman A Chance...

Everyone knows how liberal and free-spirited I am. Wendy Davis, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright (who's coming to SMU this fall!), and Janis Joplin are all angels of mine. You all know this. But I met a kick-ass woman tonight that honestly surpassed most all of the aforementioned Alpha females that I sincerely admire. Why? Because she is a doctor that saves lives daily. Literally. She's not a boob doctor or a "work on gettin' your salt intake lower" doctor. She's a "Hey, want to live? Do what I say." doctor. Livers and stuff. And she's a no-bull-sh*tting-tell-me-yo-deal-up-front girl. And most importantly, she's funny and nice and has the communication skills of any diplomat. She's awesome. Yeah? Big deal, okay, we get it, right?

So, here's thing... she also has a daughter that has manners beyond most of Dallas, and is one of the smartest 7-year-olds (maybe 8) that I have ever met. She's also in a Frozen camp, which as somber as I come off in public, deep down, Idina is my girl! I'm so excited about this! On top of that, they are both gorgeous beyond words with their blonde hair and brown/blue eyes. But they don't let that affect their words. Nope. They're beautiful, freaking cool, and most importantly, funny as hell. Yes, 7-year-olds can be funny as hell. Also, they're smarter than 99% of the people that I've met in this world. Seriously.

And to be honest, I could've sat there with 'em for another five hours at the Inwood Village Starbucks that we met at. Time flies when you're having fun, yeah?

Most people wonder why someone with a Poli Sci degree from SMU and a resume chockfull of coveted fashion internships would ever want to be a Dallas nanny, but Mrs. X (reference from the Nanny Diaries, and also my want to keep her/her family private) never made fun of why I wanted to be a nanny at 24-years-old, which is something I've encountered and has been hurtful in the past; I respect her more than most people in my life. She was/is awesome. And I left our meeting feeling on top of the world. And on the same page.

So, I wanted to blog about this to give a positive shout-out that not all Dallas families/kids are awful, like some believe. It's not true. There are some super inspiring women and kids out there deserving of some appreciation. And ON A LIGHTER NOTE, COME TO DCH ON THURSDAY TO WATCH ME PERFORM WITH MY EWING TROUP AT 9:30PM....