Thursday, July 3, 2014

my review of 'tammy' & why every female should see it...

Last night I went to the movies with Wendy, the Southern matriarch from whose loins so graciously granted my physical birth, (had to throw that Sage-from-DCH-writing-class line in there, sorry) and we saw Tammy. First of all, I'm a HUGE Melissa McCarthy fan. From her stand-up days to her Gilmore Girls days to the present Identity Thief and The Heat days, she's my main Hollywood gal that I would kill to work with some day. Yes, her character in Tammy was very similar to those of The Heat, Identity Thief, and even sort of Bridesmaids. But guess what? She's funny, her stuff is funny, and people continue to laugh. And buy tickets. The entire theater was chockfull of women ages 18-70, and we were in a small-town, East Texas Starplex Cinema at that.

Not to mention, the movie is packed with A-listers I adore. Susan Sarandon. Allison Janney. Gary Cole. Dan Aykroyd. Toni Collette. Ben Falcone. Sandra Oh. And Kathy Bates, a fellow SMU sister. I mean stellar cast, right? My mom wasn't a huge fan of Sarandon and McCarthy's on-screen chemistry but I'm extremely biased when I say that it was perfect worked well. Tammy is from Murphysboro, Illinois and wears crocs the entire movie. The costume designer deserves an Oscar because she nailed every character's look. It's just so Tammy to be wearing Crocs. Along with scenery/set design. (I will say, though, I'm a continuity maniac and will notice the slightest extra or piece of hair out of place from shot to shot, so look for the Eagle campground scene where the guy on a cell phone in the far right distance is outta place a few times. #OCDprobs)

Also the physical humor is what gave this film the laughs. I definitely pay attention to people's responses and what makes everyone react; everyone reacted to McCarthy's trips, falls, bumps, and bruises. Within the first ten minutes there's a deer scene that's hilarious and worth the ticket cost alone to witness. And not to spoil anything but there are several emotional scenes throughout this gem, too. I related to so many of them, sadly, and I know others in the theater did as well. That's another thing about this movie; yeah, it's no Scorsese or Woody Allen film but not every single film has to get your intellectual brain soup boiling. Movies are for entertainment. Escaping your own sh*tty reality for two hours. That's why I love 'em so much. Especially comedies. And especially ones with Melissa McCarthy, because her humor nails my kind of "preferred" humor. She can say one word in a certain tone and I'm going to laugh. I just love her.

And so should you. Why? Because she gives a solid performance in all of her work. Yeah, it's a distinct, Melissa McCarthy style but she's so unapologetic in everything that she does and that's why I love her. I tend to be super apologetic in everything that I do and I only dream of one day having the confidence that this badass tinsel town b*tch has. She's a powerhouse. She does her thing and she has fun doing it. Also she's Sandy B's best friend for life, and if you're unaware Sandy B (aside from Laura Linney) is my all-time favorite actress in all of this world. I have a lot of Hollywood favorites, okay? Anywho, the fact that Melissa McCarthy is only 44-years-old and has written, produced, and starred in many of our favorite flicks is something to appreciate. I think she's endured a lot in the industry (as all women have) and instead of griping (like Wendy) about how the film is so similar to others, we should all just go enjoy it and support it. Can I get an amen?
This is my DCH Ewing troupe, YOUTH GROUP,
a face-in-the-hole created by yours truly.

Okay, it's late Thursday afternoon, I'm sitting at the St. Pete's, as per usual, and Kelly, one of my best friends/spirit animals, has come all the way to Texas from South Carolina for this week to visit, celebrate the 4th, and see my very first Ewing show at the DCH. So I've gotta wrap this up because I get to see her face soon! And yep. That's right, folks. YOUTH GROUP, my beloved troupe, will be going up at 9:30PM at 2645 Commerce Street. So be there or be square. Be early and maybe I'll buy you a drink. Just don't be late (my biggest pet peeve) because I hate tardiness and will glare in your vicinity (probably not directly at you due to the bright lights) if you come stumbling in twenty minutes after showtime.