Monday, July 21, 2014

8 Things I Secretly Want For Christmas But Would Never Ask For...

It's basically August, which means Christmas is right around the corner. Trust me, it is. Just yesterday (AKA six months ago) I was working non-stop and about to take my very first class at DCH. Now I've turned a new leaf career-wise, and am over halfway done with the DCH program. My oh my how time flies when you're having fun. (Sorry, had to throw that overused adage in there.)

But, I was browsing some craft sites today, as per usual, while also eating a Butterfinger, (also as per usual) and wishing said Butterfinger was in a blizzard instead; which led to a compilation of Christmas gifts I secretly want so bad but would never ask for. Because for one, I'm 24-years-old and it would be weird (just see list below). And two, I'm-24 years-old. I prefer eating and/or sleeping in as opposed to shredding open gifts under a tree at 7AM nowadays. However, let's be honest, what 20-something "adult" wouldn't want the gifts below? (Only the fun-sucking ones, duh.) 

1. The Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker for kids. Obviously. 

2. Another red/blue Beta fish to replace George from my SMU days. And in a super cool, modern tank like this fish condo from Uncommon Goods. 

3. Brookstone Sand. This is the coolest stuff ever. I discovered this genius mixture of God knows what in the Salt Lake City airport this past March and couldn't stop playing with it. Michael's has some, too. 

4. I'm a geography freak with stacks of Goode's Atlases, so 8-year-old Mallory would've tackled a cousin at Christmas for this prize.

5. Hand tattoos. Honestly I can't think of any social situation where these would be appropriate at my age nor would my dog even enjoy it but they look fun at least. Right? No? Maybe not? 

6. Uh, DIY Comic Book kits! Sign me the heck up. Even if I still draw like a 2-year-old. 

7. I've never had a snow globe but always thought they were the greatest things. So, again, Uncommon Goods wins with a DIY Snow Globe kit. Heck yeah! 

8. Saving the best for last... PORTABLE PING-PONG! I love ping-pong. A lot. Just ask my BFF Kelly. I spent half my trip to South Carolina visiting her last fall playing this jewel of a game with K at her parents' because I loved it so much. It's a competitive sport, I tell you. We broke some sweats. Or I did at least. So I may actually ask for this for Christmas, and just tell my parents I want to tone my arms. Totally normal, yeah? 

*Images courtesy of Uncommon Goods and Brookstone websites