Monday, June 16, 2014

Working For Lindt Chocolate & Marrying Kenny G...

I am on a mission to become a spokeswoman for Lindt Chocolate. And I firmly believe that I could boost North American sales if I were given the opportunity, along with unlimited truffles. Specifically the peanut butter flavor. My grandmother gave me a bag last week of the assorted chocolate truffles and surprisingly I had never tried 'em before. Holy. Batman. Aside from the fact that I basically needed the jaws of life to open the bag, the aroma that flowed out once opened is what I would imagine an angel's breath to smell like. And when I popped the first one into my mouth it was a divine match made in heaven. So I think that if the man pictured below from the LindtUSA website can do this, so can I!

Aside from aspiring to be a chocolatier for the day, I've been blaring my Kenny G pandora station while writing my monologue for DCH writing class over and over and over again. Writing stuff down old-school style (pen and paper) is the best way for me to memorize something. And in typical Mallory fashion, I've waited until two days before our final class to get my sh*t fully memorized. Our writing teach Amanda emailed us earlier and I catapulted right up out of bed, paused my Netflix marathon, and got to work. Just the thought of not having my sh*t fully finalized by class time with her gives me great anxiety, as she's intense. But in a good way. So that's what me and Kenny have been doing for a while. Also most people don't get my obsession with Kenny G/jazz music but I've thought about it many of times. And when I was younger my great uncle Paul Green (as my sister and I called him) was my everything; we grew up with him & my aunt Darlene while my parents worked/we lived in the city. And they ALWAYS had instrumental jazz playing throughout their house. Always. And to this day we're still struggling with his passing but every time I listen to Kenny G-esque music I think of him and am in my happy zone. Pure bliss, I tell you. So maybe that's where my obsession arises from. At least I'm assuming. But I just really wish I could marry Kenny G so that I could wake up to his beautiful sounds every. single. morning. Good God that would be glorious, you guys. 

Lastly, may I suggest, Ever I Love You by Tim Janis is one of the most beautiful songs to listen to. Incredible. Just incredible.