Monday, June 23, 2014

why you and/or your brand should be on twitter non-stop...

The other day my great uncle Carl asked why I tweet so much, why it matters, and how my obsession with social media began. And I've been asked countless times how I've managed to rack up 18k tweets since March 2009 (which honestly isn't a lot for anyone who's familiar with social media), so being challenged to argue the importance of social media marketing is not a problem as I have valid justifications to back my rants up with. The older generations who simply do not understand "it" have asked me so many times what a "twit" or "peentrest" is that I've considered doing free workshops for 'em just because I feel bad for their unfortunate misunderstandings. And the older folks can get pretty aggressive when it comes to new age technology. Trust me.

But here's the thing... I've received probably $2,000+ worth of free sh*t for simply taking twenty seconds to write out 140 characters about or to a brand. Not kidding. A gold Kara Ross choker straight from the runway? Check. Harper's Bazaar Greatest Hits book autographed by Glenda Bailey? Check. $200 Kenneth Cole gift card? Check. The entire Simple skincare line? Check. Which BTW I had tweeted about wanting Allison Williams's skin from HBO's Girls, so I received a hand-written letter from her, too. (Yeah, yeah, it was probably her Weber-Shandwick publicist but so what). And I've learned that there is a specific way to tweet. Luckily, I was blessed with a sarcastic tongue and I'm not starstruck easily so that's worked in my favor. And by that I mean that if you tweet at a brand all the time or not with the correct tone, you ain't gonna be seen or heard, sister. (or brother). 

Which speaking of... a brand deciding who to "see or hear" is crucial. Crucial, I tell you. I have many brands that follow me on Twitter and/or tweet back and forth with me frequently. And you know why this continues? Because I only give them my money, and they continue to pay an extremely wise social media manager to "thank me online." I wrote down 50+ examples for you guys but I won't bore anyone for that long so I picked the best ones; this also seems to be where the older folks "get it." 

1.) Taco Cabana followed/tweeted me (in a personal tone; not some as-seen-on-tv cheesy manner) two years ago after I tweeted about one of their strawberry margaritas. Do you think I ever go to any other fast-food taco joints? Hell no. (Okay, Taco Bell is an exception, but it's Taco Bell. They're in their own category). 

2.) In Austin last fall I instagrammed and tweeted a photo of the divine chicken quesadillas from Gloria's with the caption, "photogenic heartburn." They got my sense of humor and commented back. Hasta la vista, Mi Cocina, Uncle Julio's, Chuy's, El Fenix, and Iron Cactus. Gloria's has my heart forever now. (I eat a lot of Tex-Mex, okay). 

3.) When I find a local joint I feel at home with, i.e. St. Pete's Dancing Marlin,' I'm gonna blog/tweet/IG/Yelp about it and check-in on Facebook all the time. They follow me and continue to acknowledge my online support for 'em versus a few other Deep Ellum dives. So guess where I'm going to continue racking up insane beer/greasy nacho tabs throughout the week while I write in between DCH? St. Pete's Dancing Marlin.' You betcha! *Cue Sarah Palin voice*

4.) Tito's Vodka wished me a happy birthday without me even tagging them in a tweet a month ago. That means their social media guru was doing the SEO job right and deserves a raise. Guess what vodka I'm only going to consume 'til I'm dead? Tito's. Getting the picture?

5.) Sarah Colonna is one of my all-time favorite comedians and writers. She is top-notch in terms of "celebs" on Twitter. I've mentioned her in numerous tweets and she's responded with genuine enthusiasm every. single. time. So whenever Sarah C does a show at the Addison Improv or in the general state of Texas, I'm there. Guaranteed. I'll most likely pay the higher "pre-order" price for any book she publishes as well because she's taken the time to appreciate her fans. 

6.) We all know I love Kenny G, instrumental/jazz/piano music, etc., so whenever I find a fabulous new station, like Jamie Bonk's for example, I tweet cheesy happiness for it. Pandora reciprocates the excitement. Always. So trying Spotify (or anything else) has never crossed my mind. Nor will it. 

7.) Salon Pompeo: We've been Twitter friends since I was a freshman at SMU. The first time I tweeted about 'em after my first cut/mimosa there I was $old. Do you think this momma lets any other Dallas salon touch her locks? Nope. Nada. Never. Aside from their social media skills, though, Pompeo houses the best stylists in Dallas so even if they did break up with me online I'd continue to go. 

8.) I'll stop at eight since that seems to be my magic number on here, but just to give credit to a few more... Expedia, Southwest Airlines, Walton's Fancy & Staple (we go through pounds of their Good Stuff Seasoning each year), Henri Bendel, YoplaitSkymall, 7-Eleven, Eatzi's, Purina, Klout, Lux Tanning Spa, Coppell Piano Shop, Contiki Vacations, Kat Cole/Cinnabon, Clarisonic, Discover It Card, Barclays banking, and Viggle app are among some of the best brands online that continue to foster an online relationship with me as a consumer.

And that sounds so dramatic and weird but guess what, I'm loyal to the bone to these brands. It doesn't cost me a SINGLE DIME to be on Twitter. I will only spend my dollar bills on them as opposed to any competitors. For life. Because I'm a narcissistic millennial and when a brand acknowledges my online gratitude/shout-outs, they're making this customer happy, and they're making profit. It's as simple as that. Older folks love capitalism, so there ya go.

And I hate to say it but if a brand has poor social media skills, no consistency, doesn't tweet during business days, lacking profiles, you-name-it, I'm going to go and spend my money elsewhere. I'm going to stop "spreading the word" about you because you/your brand doesn't care to keep up with the ways of my generation. We live in a world where online persona is extremely important, as materialistic and/or meaningless as that may sound to some. But hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So if you're anti-Twitter, or any other social media site, get with the program and jump on board. Hopefully I've convinced you in some way or another how important social media is. And if not, let's talk further. I could go on for years. Also, at the end of the day, social media is just a lot of fun. That's why I do it. Rest assured that if it weren't fun I wouldn't be doing it, and would've given up years ago when I was like sixteen.