Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Titanic Sheet Music, Ewing, & Sandy B...

Today was a good day. A really good day. Possibly one of the best days that I've had in a while. And I'm not trying to be one of those annoying, motivational, "Let's be happy and worship the sun and clouds!" freaks either when I say this. We all know that I'm incredibly cynical and I absolutely live by Sandy Bullock's motto, "Don't expect anything so that if something does happen, it'll be sweet, and you'll be happy." with everything and everyone. And that's what I did with this Ewing team audition thing at the DCH this past weekend. I absolutely had more anxiety than anyone else there but the moment that I stepped out during the audition it all just happened and I had more fun than ever, as per usual with anything at DCH. Because at the end of the day, if you're not having fun then why the hell do you do it? That's my other motto. Anywho, later that night was prom, which was ultimately what I was more focused on because anytime that I can get my white-girl dance on, oh man, I'm there. So that helped.

Well... I got an email this morning saying that I had made the purple team. I was still hazy from the Ambien the night before. Most mornings when I roll over and quickly receive a heart-pounding email I just roll my eyes, flip my pillow over to the cold side, go back to bed, and vote to deal with it later. This morning? Nope. I jumped out of my bed like I was going to pick up a Texas lotto check. Phoebe, my precious-angel-child-dog, thought something was wrong and looked at me like, "B*tch, this ain't right, get the heck back in the bed, it's not time momma!"

Obviously I made Phoebe get up, we had a 30-second impromptu dance party to Journey, and then I called my mom to spread the good news. It's tiny news to everyone else but to me it was/is a big deal and my mom is my biggest supporter/fan so obviously I had to call up 'ole Wendy to share in the excitement. She's the best.

Also, when I'm incredibly happy, which is rare, I'll be honest, I get back to my music. I'm like average happy most of the time, but there are a few times when I'm just so damn happy that I can't stop thanking the Lord and smiling and hugging any animal/human in sight and playing my piano. Yep. Surprisingly, this psycho, ADHD-ridden girl can play some tunes. Actually, no, I retract that last statement sort of because I'm not good at the piano but I love it so much and could play it for hours. I first started taking lessons about six years ago, freshman year of college, with Dr. Karp at SMU. He taught Condie, one of my admired AXO sisters/head of states, and I worshipped the ground that that man walked on. I was too early to his class, carried my sheet book in my tote everywhere, and NOTHING got in the way of piano practice. I made an A in his class because I spent hours upon hours upon hours in the practice studios, made my parents buy me this Kawasaki keyboard for my dorm room, of which my roommate LOATHED (sorry, Caroline!), and I couldn't stop. I loved it so much. And my love for it has never diminished, so there's proof for ya, mom, that the Kawasaki was worth you and Doug's dime.

Anyways, my latest goal (which was secret 'til now) is to learn the Titanic sheet music. So with the good news and all I jumped to the desk and went to carpal tunnel-ing. Titanic is and will continue to be one of my all-time favorite movies. My Memaw on my dad's side bought me the VHS when I was 7 years old; we watched it together all the time. She was just the best & died when I was 11; to this day I watch Titanic at least monthly to A) remember her, B) admire Jack's beauty, and C) get my emotional cry on. It's healthy, you guys.

But... this sheet music has proved to be difficult. So, I'm gonna keep on keepin' on because hey, if I can make a Ewing team at the DCH, I can sure as hell learn the Titanic sheet music, no? Let's hope. I have this long list of YouTube videos to learn the sheets to and I may just take a sabbatical in Europe next year to sit seaside with a piano to learn them all. Because it makes me happy. And I've come to a point in my life where I'm gonna do whatever the hell makes me happy. And anybody that wants to disagree with that mantra can go (in Beyonce voice/song) to the left, to the left, and exit.