Thursday, June 26, 2014

how your life could be changed at 7pm (cst) tonight...

Alright, you guys... today is THE day. My DCH sketch writing class will be performing our big, grand, fabulous, finale showcase tonight at 7PM sharp. At the world-famous Dallas Comedy House, of course. In Deep Ellum, at 2645 Commerce Street, just in case you need the address, because I want everyone reading this (that includes all of you out-of-staters, too!) to be there and be square. I just checked Expedia and there are still departing flights to Dallas from LaGuardia, GSP, LAX, MIA, Bergstrom, IAH, and O'Hare for all of my favorite humans scattered throughout the US of A. I don't think I missed any anyone, except for my Europeans and consistent reader from the Cayman Islands, which BTW, can we be friends? I'd love to come and visit... and maybe vacation... for forever... just an idea, you can get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Anyway, our showcase is going to be amazing. Magnificent. Awe-inspiring, if you will. Well... all seven of my other classmates are guaranteed to be wonderful. They are funny people. I still laugh after seeing each one ten times. I, on the other hand, cannot guarantee you anything. Hot mess = this girl at rehearsal last night despite the 9,824,175 hours that I've put into this thing. All of my other classmates are badass DCH graduates with insane amounts of talent. Emphasis on the insane with the underlining. They make me better, yes. And I love that I learn so much from them. But they give me stage fright every. single. time. Because they're all so dang good! Even after eight weeks of being around those crazies for essentially a third of my week. (I spend a lot of time at the DCH, okay.) And for the past five days or so I've been listening to a recording of my monologue, in my God-awful, deep, man voice, still lingering a slight East Texan accent. Gotta work on that. But it's almost to the point where I'm going to start saying my roughly-four-minute monologue in my dreams. If I ever sleep. But then again, I can sleep when I'm dead, right? Because DCH life is way more fun and worth the dark rings under my eyes.

So... I vote that you come out and support us. And if you can't get a flight booked within the next few hours at least tweet us some cheesy words of encouragement or something. Or don't, because that might just look weird. Nah, go ahead and tweet me (@malloryjn) because I'm going to need it. (I've already had to take four dramamine over the past twenty-four hours due to extreme nervous nausea that I cannot get rid of.) Or tweet Amanda (@amandaaustindch), our fabulous teach who has also spent 25,027,502 hours reassuring our my whines and editing our material. She at least deserves a wine glass or two-beers-cheersing emoji tweet. There's also a neat article by Joe Tone on the history of AA and DCH on today's Dallas Observer Blog that takes maybe a minute to read, so do it.

*AA is for Amanda Austin, not Alcoholics Anonymous. I'm sure you all guessed that but I just wanted to clarify.

This writing class has been life-changing, as with anything involving DCH, improv, and the arts in general. I mean, it inspired this blog, you guys... so I'm just saying... you could easily google 'sketch writing class' and change your life, too. I really just love using the phrase, "life-changing" or "change your life, too" when rambling about anything DCH or improv because it's totally cheesy/overused/cliché. And 100% accurate. The amount of happiness that my classmates have provided me surpasses that of any lifetime supply of Nutella, Plucker's chicken wings, puppies, kittens, or Netflix. If that says anything. So...

You can buy your tickets HERE. They are only five dollars. That's only five Washingtons. Or one Lincoln. That's only 1/25 of the average therapy session. Um, sounds like a steal to me! And you'll have as much fun as the precious elderly people or Bill Cosby below. I promise.