Monday, June 30, 2014

24 reasons why being a 24-year-old is fabulous...

When I was twelve I wanted to be fifteen so that I could drive our old farm truck. When I was sixteen I couldn't wait to turn eighteen so that I could buy $2 scratch offs at the local Shell station. (I guess? Never been a smoker, much). And once I hit college at eighteen I could not wait to enter adulthood and turn twenty-one. We all know why on that one. Well, I'm twenty-four now and I still don't "feel" like an adult. I am independent and responsible and do my own finances and take care of a dog, yes, but I'm most happy when watching Home Alone or Harriet the Spy, and I get more excited over a rocky road ice cream cone than most toddlers. So I think about age frequently even though it's just a number (no, really, it is) as I have friends from seventeen to seventy. But I've finally reached a point where I'm embracing life as a twenty-something. I don't really care to turn twenty-five anytime soon because being twenty-four is pretty great. And I made a list of twenty-four reasons why this is true (for me at least)...

1. You're taken a little more serious as a human as opposed to a 23-year-old.

2. You're taken way more serious as a human as opposed to any college student.

3. Having an emotional breakdown/quarter-life crisis is totally reasonable at this point since you're in that awkward I'm-not-in-college-anymore-but-I'm-not-a-routined-adult-yet phase.

4. You can still make a fool of yourself at bars (just not as often as college students).

5. You learn that wine is so much better than liquor.

6. Seeing today's youth makes you incredibly thankful you were a 90's kid.

7. "An insane work schedule" is a perfectly acceptable excuse to anybody for not having a significant other at this point in your life. Even if your work schedule is the total opposite of insane.

8. Not knowing what you want to do with your life is also perfectly acceptable at this point.

9. You can be a cat lady and it's just funny and/or adorable because you're not fifty.

10. Going to therapy is not frowned upon as being a millennial in today's economy is rough.

11. The importance of a good facial moisturizer is understood.

12. You learn that work/personal drama ain't worth the time. Neither are the Regina Georges.

13. You've finally realized who your real friends/homegirls from college are.

14. You can make new besties without having the aforementioned college BFF relationships affected, because you've learned it's okay to branch out of your comfort zone a little bit.

15. Full House marathons at night are appreciated a little bit more.

16. Naps become a coveted and beautiful thing.

17. Parents are also viewed as a beautiful thing as opposed to just former lifestyle nazis.

18. Awkward relationships with younger siblings slowly start to evolve into legitimate relationships.

19. You learn it's okay to ask for help and actually take the advice of older, wiser humans.

20. You'd rather volunteer at the Arboretum or DMA on a Sunday than walk around or visit one of 'em hungover.

21. Brunch is spent discussing friends' real, meaningful, life events versus who hooked up with who at the Sig Ep house the previous night.

22. It's admissible to date men in their 30's because you're not a "young, college girl" anymore.

23. You get more excited over finding a new coffee shop to hang out at versus a bar or brunch spot.

24. You're still old enough to know better but too young to care. Yep. Definitely.

Amy agrees.