Friday, May 16, 2014

Bradburyisms & A Monologue...

I religiously follow/read a blog-esque website called Brain Pickings that has engaging links with a little more quirk and fascination. (I sounded kinda academic with that line, no?). And today there was a post called 'Ray Bradbury on How List-Making Can Boost Your Creativity' that instantly hit home with me, and was just so captivating and engrossing and [insert any other dramatic gripping adjective].

To be fair, it's not like I haven't heard some of the stuff mentioned before. Constant list-making and writing down thoughts was drilled into my head from day one of DCH writing class. And I'm sure countless other teachers from my past have mentioned the things that are in Maria Popova's article. And I make lists all the time. I'm one of those that writes down everything because if I don't then whatever is happening at the time or needing to be noted or done will be forgotten. Seriously. I would forget my own birthday (which, by the way, is tomorrow, b*tches!) if I didn't write it down on my wall calendar. Fun fact: I'm also super OCD with my lists. For example, I could be listing my June bills to pay, and 'June bills' would be underlined, or written in all caps and with a sharpie, and the bills below it would have bullet points or be different colors.

Anyway, as a scatterbrained person with amateur writing skills and frustration in expressing my creativity at times, 'ole Ray's fruitful advice of "making long lists of nouns as triggers for ideas and potential titles for stories" (citation ?) gave me hope for my sketch writing class assignment that I'm currently working on. I have to write a one-page monologue from the perspective of someone that I know or come in contact with frequently. Don't worry, though, friends (or secret foes), I'm certain that the character I'm using is totally off any of yall's grid. But I'm in the lovely process of editing it and am finding myself re-writing it completely, and then re-writing that version completely, and then throwing my notebook on the ground dramatically like a 4-year-old, because I can't find the right words to use and feel like the whole things is a disaster. And I can hear our writing teach Amanda right now snapping, "don't apologize!" in terms of being unconfident with your writings.

At this point I'm not sure where this post was going. Basically the article is just really good and you all need to go read it because it relates to every aspect of life, really. It's inspiring and uplifting and who doesn't need more of that in their lives ya know. I've got a hundred things going on in my brain right now so I'm gonna get back to list-making in hopes of being productive this afternoon. I'm also heading back to the DCH soon for some shows so I need to get off this here therapy sesh site. Franzia and Roadside Couch are two of my faves performing later, btw, so if you happen to read this hot mess of a blog post before 9PM, and you're near Deep Ellum (or not) go buy tickets and support 'em with me later. And even though I've been at DCH more than my own home this week, tomorrow's my birthday, so I'm gonna do what makes me happy, because I've earned it by being on this earth for 24 years. 

PS- here's a buckets-of-fun photo for you all to enjoy of last night's @dallascomedy fun, because where else would I be...